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Originally Posted by Adler1984 View Post
" What we propose changing
* Revising the jedi unlock
* Implementing credit duping fixes
* Implementing item duping fixes
* Better equalizing crafted items and looted item quality
* Fixing bazaar exploits

This would mean that everything would be deleted; characters, accounts, items, etc. We will NOT consider any partial deletes because they would just cause big problems.

Advantages: Duped economy would be reset, jedi would be more of a mystery again.
Disadvantages: Everything done on TC for the last 6 months would be gone. "

Okay, I know I haven't been on TC the longest period of time yet, but I honestly look at this proposal as one that doesn't have much of a point. Aside from changing the Jedi unlock system a bit (which would then nullify everything that everyone's done to late in order to get their Jedi), and POSSIBLY seeing more equality among crafted and looted items (my question would be HOW this would be implemented... would they nerf looted weps or would they actually provide GOOD resources for crafters?) there aren't any tangible benefits to wiping and restarting with the same old code + a couple of tweaks.

Who would this really benefit? As for testing the server, having the large number of items and characters to keep a database of, plus the existing server population would seem to test the server even more than wiping it, and implementing a slight content switch with Jedi (which could be buggy or near impossible to figure out) or an undisclosed means of making the items in game more on par, crafting and looting wise.

I vote No as there are too many variables at this time, and not enough information has been released on the HOWS and WHATS of what would be done in order to make the wipe actually beneficial. I honestly could also see how it could push a lot of people into just stopping playing for awhile or altogether as all the work they put into their characters was toasted just to implement a credit/item dupe fix, tweak Jedi a bit, and possibly make craftable items more equal. Not a HUGE benefit for such a big loss.

I see a lot of posts saying "I vote yes if..." Well what if the "if..." doesn't come to pass? Are there any people who are going to STOP playing if no wipe Pre- OR hits? Are there any people who'll come back if a wipe happens and resets it to zero? If we're wanting to test the server, having as many people playing/running characters, collecting items, placing harvesters, adding inventory, etc... will test the server. It just seems this wipe has WAY too many unknowns that could backfire.

What if the new Jedi system doesn't work right and has to be reverted? What if instead of craftable schems being bugged, harvesters end up being completely useless again? Too many variables when you talk about wiping, then changing the code. As it is now, we all pretty much know the ins and outs of the bugs and problems, and a wipe is counterproductive to that...especially when bugfixes on TC are not even being targeted anymore.

If there was an addition of EXTRA CONTENT to actually TEST, i.e. CH, Houses, Backpacks, etc... in prep for OR, then I'd be all for it... but there's nothing really beneficial to this wipe.

Just my two cents.
Better said then I could ever do, too many people are voting yes and then adding tons of caveats into their statements.

IF we are testing new content, IF we are using this wipe to make the OR better, IF we are doing a wipe to shorten the LIVE launch, then I can bite the bullet and agree to a wipe. The only problem is now the revised statement I read is different than the one when I got the in game message, logged in, and then voted on.

But IF all this is doing is resetting us to ZERO for the sake of making some people stop complaining, and does not in effect implement fixes to stop the very behaviors that we are "wiping" for then I think this just takes valuable time and resources away from the OR.

Because of the vague statement I voted no. Now that I see the revised reasons, I ask everyone to step back and rethink their decision.

See you all around in game.