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Originally Posted by altkevin View Post
My 'yes' vote is conditional.
As a vet. Swg player I find it irritating that we have full functioning Jedi, but no droids or buildings, and FAIL extractors. No wearable packs from tailor, no real use for CH, or DE. I say if a wipe will fix or bring about a fix to these CORE professions. I will be on board. If ALL this is about, is to fix in game economy then >NO WAY<

I have to be "cautious" here as I respect and deeply appreciate the DEVS and all the hard work they are doing to give us our dream back, but the above post does ring true. This will probably get me flamed like crazy, but if you gave me a choice, and I could only have a choice between the following;

A) Fully Functional Jedi

B) Fully Functional Architect with all the working schematics

Then I would choose B, maybe I am on crack? Flame away!