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"We are almost done with the core structure of the OR, and are beginning to add content to it, but it will be many months before it is on par with what is currently on TC (Feature-wise). We wanted to give the community a choice on how to proceed."

From reading that, and also knowing ETA are not going to be posted I am thinking we are looking a minimum of 6 months before a the OR is or might come out, and we will be in this corrupted economy which is I feel is directly effecting the quality of the game. Yes its a test server but of how many people we have and how many people are seriously putting time and supporting the development of this project, I see the best and smartest thing to do is a wipe.

I mean looking at the current numbers doing a wipe right now will hurt and turn away a large population of the people currently 37% which I say is a large number, but if you break it down, grinding professions is very fast, getting your best items will take time but still at a fair rate.

Make the game as a whole a better quality by making the jedi something rare mystery, not the typical 3 unlocks a day. Fixing the game hurting bugs/exploit, and giving everyone a fresh start I think will be better in the long run.

Here is how I see it, fixing up an old car vs just sucking it paying the extra money and buying a new one.

EDIT: Let me add something, if this was a live server dealing with these problems exploit/hacking the exploited/dupeded items would be taken out of the economy and the people who did it would be banned. But this isn't a live server and I think that the exploits and dupes are not the only thing effecting the quality of the game they may feel that a wipe and adding these new feature they were talking about would be more beneficial in the long run.

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