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Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
Doesn't matter what i think, poll results are pretty clear.
Unfortunately the poll is the way it is in part because of people like Raydowning, who said:

I'm new to TC:Nova but if it adds more content to the game then yes go ahead and wipe maybe even put is space so I can fly agen :-)
Its seems a lot of people are voting w/o even realizing what will change. I would have voted yes if something major being implemented, such as player housing or the CH prof. As it stands the current TC means almost nothing to the development of the OR. I think we should just let the devs completely concentrate on the OR at this point. The sooner its out, the better.

Also unfortunate is how the majority of this thread de-evolved into a flame war between the more common posters on this forums. That and a slinging of insults such as anyone who said everyone voting no is just some QQer afraid to lose their jedi.