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Originally Posted by ss3j View Post
If I had to guess, we're gonna be waiting for a bit for that bondhi. I'm sure that the regular spawns and all that go with them have a TON of code that comes with them and as such will take a lot of work to get it ready to be pushed to nova. Got a feeling that the devs have their fingers in alot of pies as of late and PVE is just gonna have to wait.
A bit wrong .

Here is quote from crush:

Actually, I'm the only developer working on Player Cities.

Kyle is working on finishing up crafting, schematic, and factory issues.

Dannuic is working on completing the creature conversion, so that we can have working creatures in the OR.

Polonel is working on polishing up some admin commands and helping Dannuic with creature conversion tools.

TheAnswer is generally working on stability fixes, entertainer, and managing the team.

Oru is working on Engine upgrades as well as directing the team.

Elvaron is working on a major project for school, but should be back coding soon.

So there is a lot in queue, just Player Cities are the freshest thing out the gate at the moment.

Personally, my list contains the following:
- Finish player cities.
- Expand email system to handle keywords (guild, group, citizens) and mailing to multiple recipients.
- Implement guilds.
- Implement spawner objects.
- Implement vendors.
- Implement factions.

So, I should be busy for awhile. Hoping to move onto guilds as early as this weekend!