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[Community Update] 1/20/10

Community Update for 1/20/10

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Recent announcements
  • Server Ups & Downs
  • TC:Nova Update
  • Staff comments

Greetings members of the community. As you may notice there is not a bi-weekly update for this week, this is due to a lack of content to warrant a full bi-weekly. It should be noted that when Max gets back, he will surely dazzle and amaze everyone as he never fails to do so. Things have been quiet over the holiday period, however things are starting to pickup once again. In this small update I would just like to take the time to re-cap on recent news.

Recent announcements

The change from MySQL to BerkelyDB

There have been numerous changes made the to the Test Center: NOVA database as of January 7th.

Most notably, pharmaceuticals and consumables should now be saving correctly after server resets, reduction of lag, and overall the database has been migrated from MySQL to BerkelyDB.

To follow bug reports and to make note of ones you find, please refer to this thread: DB Testing Task.

TC:Nova bug fixes
  • Jedi:
  • [Fixed] Force Absorb
  • [Disabled] Jedi Saber/Title/Robe Tef (Bobafett is still teffing though)
  • [Changed] Lightsabers to use no HAM, as well as lowered dmg as if they REQ 4 Crystals instead of 8.
  • Creature Spawns:
  • [Removed] Creature Dots, as they are not working corectly, and are stacking wrong.
If you have a problem with your TEF not going away, type /peace to restart the TEF countdown timer.

Server Ups & Downs

As most of you will notice the server goes down without warning, this is being caused by memory leaks. The leaks have been addressed and fixed for the OR which will add stability to the server and stop/reduce the server drops.

When TC:Nova goes down, you will see that the website begins to suffer issues. This is not caused by the above issue but rather the massive volume of people attempting to login to the website. The login server simply cannot cope with 500+ people trying to get in simaltaneously. I would ask that if the server goes down, avoid logging in if possible and spend some quality time in IRC, where you will be notified first when the server comes back up.

TC:Nova Update
  • [Added]Swoops
The empire has lifted the ban on vehicle travel. It was deemed that the carbon emmisions generated by vehicles were having little impact on the effects of global warming across the galaxy. Unfortunately the crack down on vehicle travel meant the garage business collapsed, so be careful with your vehicles as they cannot be repaired.

Note: Vehicles can only be traded in deed form.

Staff Comments

The Tusken Invasion event went very well after the major lag issues that surface at the start of the event. The outcome of the event ended in the community destroying the evil tuskens and driving them from town. Afterwards the Imperial Guard showed up to take control of the city and escort the Mayor to an unknown location for questioning.

Im sure everyone will join me when I say a massive thank you to TheAnswer for all his hardwork during the event. He stayed online and ironed out the issues causing the major lag for the event.
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