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Do I feel that I have a broad enough and deep enough knowledge of the project to be of use? Probably not... yet.
Am I willing to put the time in to help others where I can? Definitely! Hence the "Helper" tag in-game.
Can I give a regular time slot to the cause? We will have to see about that, between work and girlfriend :-)

What I do know is that everyone involved in the project is a volunteer contributing their precious free time, that everyone involved had to start somewhere, and that at some point everyone (including TheAnswer) will get a question to which they do not have The Answer.

At the very least, if you put yourself forward as one who can help, you give Odwill and the Support team a chance to decide whether they think you can help. So rather than saying "I could never do that", stick your hand in the air and let the people who are already doing the job look at what skills and enthusiasm you bring to the table. You might be surprised at how much you are capable of achieving :-)
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