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As much as I want to see the OR, the long wait has given me the chance to have fun and experiment with classes I had not played back in the day. I'm grateful for that. Sometimes I get irate because of the bugs. But I don't want to see time wasted on bug fixes for this dead branch of the code. I know that bug fixes and new things will be coming our way fast once the OR is implemented. The momentum of the project was truly impressive in the months before work was started on the OR.

Unfortunately it takes longer to fix something than it does to do it right from the start. But I don't think you can plan a database for an existing game when coding and packet analysis are going on at the same time. And I'm glad they stopped everything to streamline the DB and fix it when they did. It would have been a bad idea to reach 1.0 with a sloppy DB and program.

Thanks for taking the heat to make things right.
If you haven't read the FAQ, please do. The link is at the top of every page.

If you want to know how to access the test server read the setup guide. Or just download Launchpad Enhanced and let it do the work for you if you already have SWG installed.
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