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I have tons of idea's...

I postd an idea for possible addition to the game and a bit of a rework of the idea

forget clones, change the focus of when you are suposdlly dead you are found picked up and med evac'd by med lifter to the nearest med center, mash unit

I knwo clones have been a big thing and easy out fr the original creators of the game but the med centers and the medics doctors are feeling no love heh everyone is in the cantina

also maybe add some new vehicle for thoses that master doctor?.. a med lifter =-)

anyways I love that we are back to the sandbox idea and it's alot fo fun again, thank you guys for everythign youa re doing

ps, Med Lifters can be like the republic gun ships of the clone wars, maybe more sleek designe maybe, also can go in space ( not sure if you all are gonna do a atmospheric flight idea or not)
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