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Originally Posted by kaque View Post
I agree. Somebody wake me up when the OR is finished. I can't play this half finished game any longer. No offense.
I'm with you on this one bro, while I think we all realize what a massive amount of work it is this project entails, I have to admit I'm on the same boat when it comes to how long it's been. Truth be told, I could care less about all the "cool ideas" flying around, I'd just like to have the old game back preferably with JTL and I'd be completely happy with that. I won't play on Nova for the most part unless something needs tested, I mean what's the point? If we're going to end up wiped again anyways, I don't want to heavily invest in trying to establish a toon. No offense to the team or what not, but I can't see the community holding together much longer, it seems like everyone I've talked to has either given up on SWGEmu, or is about to.
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