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Post [NOVA] I can't connect!?

Hi folks,

Yes, we know. I am repeatedly seeing this question in IRC and on the forums, so let's be clear.

Within hours of our latest patch, we reached 750+ users on our Test Center. Reports are now that our latest record is 950+. We have remained at user limit since, and we are so excited you all are enjoying yourselves on our server!

We are now capping the user limit on TC, in an attempt to find the best possible balance between lag and max users. The cap is fluctuating between 700 and 900 users.

Q: Why is TC capped?

A: Your donations allow a shared 100mb line. At peak usage times, or other random times during a day, our allocated bandwidth is reduced. Unfortunately, we cannot afford the money it takes to buy a dedicated line. We'll have to deal with what we have for now.

Q: Are you sure it's not your hardware?

A: We're sure. With 800-900 users online, we were using ~50% of our hardware resources. This is not a problem. The issue is most definitely bandwidth. Also, for this patch there are a few things that are CPU/RAM intense that are being fixed in the OR, so this usage stat is surely not a number to count on for 1.0.

Q: What do I have to do to get on TC?

A: Select your character, and let LPE sit at "Connecting to Galaxy." When a spot opens up, you will automatically load in.

Q: I can't connect, but I don't think this is the problem.

A: VERIFY THE SERVER IS UP. Join IRC channel #status and do a /tcinfo there. If it is indeed up.. then please email, or join our IRC support channel #swgemusupport, and we will try to help you. Be patient, there are 100's of you asking for help, and we're doing the best we can to get to you all.

Thanks as always for your support of pre-cu and SWGEmu. See you around the Galaxy!

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