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Staff Round-Table

Originally Posted by Kyle, President
It's been a wild year. We have been working hard, but there hasn't really been anything "interesting" to show for it. We are finally at a point where the work of the last year is really starting to take shape in the form of real feature updates. We hope you have enjoyed the TC for the last year, and realize that we put it up so that the members of our community didn't have to twiddle their thumbs for a year. Now it is time to get back to testing, updates, and development business as usual. Thanks for the patience and understanding and helping us towards our goal of 1.0.
Originally Posted by Odwill, Test Center Director
Hello again folks. As you all can now hopefully see, there has been an enormous amount of work taking place behind the scenes in nearly every facet of the SWGEmu project. I know it may not seem like it at times but we truly are working our tails off around here to bring back what was once lost to us all. In the past quarter aside from development continuing with the Object Restructure; the Community Team has been undergoing it's own 'OR' of sorts. We took a hard look at how the staffing was put together for the entire SWGEmu project to discover what could be improved upon. We worked hard to streamline and organize departments to increase coverage and efficacy. Our end goal is provide all of you with the highest level of support and community possible in a 100% volunteer project. I'd like to thank our great community for your continued support of the SWGEmu project. We are all in this together. Keep your eyes and ears open in the months ahead for new community and support features.
Originally Posted by TheAnswer, Core3 Manager
As you all can see ( for the past weeks the developers have been working a lot trying to prepare the new codebase for public testing.
A lot of systems have been upgraded and new ones introduced that required a lot of
work on core3.

Thanks to the "old" NOVA codebase we learned what we did wrong and what
we can improve to gain more stability and consistency. A lot of time has been spent
reversing the designs that SOE has used in the client, that gave us a lot of insight of
what the server needs to archieve a fluent not only protocol communication, but at a higher
level, object interaction with the client.
New designs, database backends, concurrent techniques have been introduced and still being
tested and investigated.

We feel that we reached a point where a lot of the systems need a more serious stress testing, and we are
working as hard and fast as we can to implement a reasonably playable server so you can have
some "fun" too while we polish the gameplay. We are all excited about the upcoming updates and
hope you enjoy them too.
A big thanks to everyone helping with the daily OR testing.
Originally Posted by TAfirehawk, Quality Assurance Manager
The Quality Assurance Department is very busy testing the OR. The department did go through a long "vacation" period waiting for the Internal Test Center, ITC, to be loaded with the OR but now the vacation is over, back to work! We have brought in some new Staff as well as a new team called the Community Tester Team ( ). The CTT is made up of non-staff volunteers that have special access to testing the OR as well as a private forum to interact with Staff.

This is a very exciting and busy time for the QA Team. I would like to thank all of those helping test and reporting their findings.
Originally Posted by Kaigeos, Website Development Manager
With the Web Development Team being so new I feel it's only appropriate telling you a little bit about myself. I'm a 2004 graduate of the Pittsburgh International Academy of Design and Technology with an Associates Degree in Specialized Business having a Major in Computer Information Management. For those of you who don't know. That boils down to some Programming basic primers in visual basic and c++ using the .net framework, java script, assembler, COBOL, Ada and Unix shell scripting. Also a good deal of Computer Hardware and Networking including Active Directory again just a primer. I would also like to thank all of those who have applied to the Web Development team and express my gratitude to the members of the team for all their hard work.
Originally Posted by cRush, Core3 Developer
I got a promotion at work and the love of my life is moving in with me soon =] Oh ... and I have a ton of time to code the OR again hehe. Life is good. Look for exciting changes around here as we move towards 1.0!
Originally Posted by Dannuic, Core3 Developer
I just wanted to say that I'm back for quite a while and working my way back into the code with missions. At this very moment, I am getting deliver missions to work and laying out the structure for the rest of the mission types. I should pick up some steam as soon as I get comfortable again and I'll be adding in all the types of missions functionally. If you want to know why I wsa gone for so long, then just know that ISPs generally don't like it when you can't pay for their services.
Originally Posted by Ilipah, Tier 2 Support Staff
The amount of AFK Camping of Spawns and Mobs on TC:Nova has drastically been reduced and we thank everyone for observing our policy on this. However, a few are still camping Spawns and then going AFK. Just a reminder that the camping of Spawns and Mobs are violations to our Rules and Policies. Overall, the community has been great on TC:Nova and your Support Team appreciates your continued help in making SWGEmu the best that it can be.
Originally Posted by Leodextrin, Forum Moderator
I've been cruising the forums and I can't help but say that I'm a bit disappointed in what I've seen. There's been quite a bit of forum PvP going on of late and although I appreciate healthy competition and rivalry, I'd like to remind everyone to tone it down a bit to keep from incurring penalties on your account. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to this stuff, but lets try to keep it somewhat civil. That means no over the top name calling, no trolling, basic stuff really. Lets keep this community friendly and helpful for all.
Originally Posted by IX-, Moderator
Maintain patience; keep the game, forums, and IRC clean and it'll help the development team to do what they do, which is the end-goal we're all looking for. The community plays a gigantic role in this whole process, and the more that you actively do to help, the faster we can all see the game we knew and loved resurrected into it's previous glory once again.
Originally Posted by Aceblade, Quality Assurance
All of the QA staff have done an amazing job so far! As you can see by the list posted we still have a lot of things going on behind the scenes and will be working quickly, yet diligently, to get things ready for testers on Nova to squash bugs once the OR hits. As the structures leader I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see structures where they are now. Structures, in my opinion, are one of the things that make SWG worth it all the more! Can't wait till everyone gets a chance settle down in a house. Hope you have a spot picked out!


There is no way to overstate how much we appreciate your patience and support during the Object Restructure process. Every community member, past and present, has helped bring us to where we are today. Thank you, from each of the staff members, for your continued donations, patience and support. It is all of you that make this project as great as it is.

Until next time!

The SWGEmu Team
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