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I think some people are being too negative about the status of the OR. It does "seem" like alot of work still needs to be done, but not knowing much about coding, makes that assumption flawed.
If you saw a car that was up on cinder blocks with no tires, the interior missing, and the motor needing a new fuel injection. You would "think" that it would take awhile to fix the car, or that the car is junk. In actuality, once you get the fuel injection working to were it's runnable, the rest of the work isn't that hard or time consuming to get the car back on the road. You tackle the hard parts first, then move on to the easy parts. The Devs already said that some of the bugs they know about, are not that big of a priority right now. I think this is the case.
If you remember last April when we had that wipe poll, it was stated that the OR could be 6 months or more away. To think it's only been 5 months and we are testing the OR says alot.
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