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Originally Posted by Kufu View Post
No for most of us that want frogs it isn't about having 30 full temp toons. It;s about getting back what we are going to lose without having to spend hours and hours to do it. Even with a frog my toons that are mastered will still be the same as they are now. We are not looking for items only skills. It's a middle ground opton.

We ged ride of all the duped items/credits and bring some sort of balance back however short lived it will be none of us know, and get a few new features. I for one still would rather not have this wipe right now, but if it's comming then please consider the frogs as an option and get the wipe done, because like a lot of people i have no desire to do crap right now just to have it all undone in a couple days.

I understand the sentiment on the frogs, but the question is, how long do they stay up, when do they get removed, can all chars or just one use them, etc...?
Too many unexplained variables overall in this whole proposal, hence me saying try using this as a test vote to see what the interest level is, then put together all the information and have an official vote with ALL the info in place.
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