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Originally Posted by Yhor View Post
I'm just curious why the thread on this subject with the poll was deleted (yes, it was only moved to a private section, but to most, it equates to deletion). The threads with real garbage only get locked, but threads that have generally civil conversations and thought out responses get moved to private viewing.

Great job of emulating SOE.

And don't get me wrong, I have the highest admiration for what has been done to get PreCU back. I enjoy gaming again (well, when I can do something other than just play professions that stand still) and I look forward to having the satisfaction I had while playing in live servers. I offer a most sincere congratulations on the progress thus far.

I just think community relations here are much like they were with SOE... anything said that isn't what -The Team- wants to hear gets locked or deleted, while trolls and hackers get a slap on the wrist with a /wink /wink, /nudge /nudge. I am genuinely baffled by 1/2 of what I see in regards to moderation. I will say it has gotten better over the past few months, but it still has those -really?- moments.

Thanks for listening, and the work on the Emu.
I spoke with the OP and we agreed that we would move the thread pending some other things going on. You will see it has since been replaced.
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