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It is my understanding that it is the provider that is doing the maintenance, so the provider not giving estimates is somewhat relevant. But maybe its just me.

And a know fact is that people that restart the server are already asleep since they live in Europe and Max in Australia and neither of these to are relevant nor are Max's sleeping habits.

In short, there is no ETA.


Originally Posted by FSMITH010 View Post
uh my question was not about the provider. i can read.
it was as to whether he is going to bed, hence, unable to restart to server even if the maintenance WAS done.

thanks for trying to be smart anyways.
Originally Posted by FSMITH010 View Post
does "Cheers and have a good night" mean the server won't be back up till morning?
Jesus did you actually read your post?

Where exactly do you ask those things you said you were asking? Where are the words Max, bed, going, are?

You asked about ETA and i answered.
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