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Originally Posted by kookaburra View Post
The VAST majority voted for a wipe.
One or more moderators on this board altered the vote count and then deleted the poll thread.

(I'll post these links again since I know it'll be asked)

Take a close look at those numbers.
All that proves is that you know how to take a screenshot.

Do you have access to the vote records to know how each account voted? Do you have access to the account logs to ensure all the accounts that voted are unique users and not dupe accounts?

If not, there's no way we can trust ANY of the votes on face value.

You're treating the before pic as solid numbers, which they may not actually be. The vote count may have been altered long before the vote ended, by users let alone any possible fixing by the mods.

With the lack of proof to the contrary, the entire vote is suspect, not just the last minute.