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Originally Posted by tranewreck View Post
wow, i hear lots of complains about a FREE game. Hours of time spent on programming a game the was destroyed by SOE on their own time. Im pretty sure most of you here complaining have not a clue what it has taken to even get this game to the playable point it is, but you sure ass hell study how to dupe, cheat and talk **** the entire way through the process. These guys arent SOE, they asked a simple question about a wipe that im sure they dreaded posting. For the Devs, thank you. done a hell of a job, for all you crybabies out there, leave... go play wow or star trek online. FLAME ON!!

Rest of you whining at devs, **** You.

How dare you whine at the devs for a free game, building a game on their own time, to relive the Pre-CU golden days.

If you cant take it leave, we dont want you in the community anways, ****ing kids these days.

Good job devs, do what needs to be done in your own mind.

That said, while the devs might not see any money in their pocket, I am sure creating a emulator for any type of a game is a +1 on a resume and the donations for equipment needed will always be in their hands, not saying they arent making no profit at all in any form, but they arent going to get rich.

Also if the OR is delivered and promised, and JTL is a for sure within a year or two after the OR, I would pay a 5-10 dollar subscription, asking anymore then 10 though is WAY out of whack.

But IMO the devs should at least ask for a 5 dollar monthly sub fee.

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