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Originally Posted by kookaburra View Post
Isn't that code for "I will never donate"?

Why would $15/month be WAY out of whack for a FULLY functional SWG emulator?

They won't be requiring monthly fees either. Unless I'm mistaken that would bring in the lawyers from both SOE and Lucas....
Because there is 50 other fully functional MMORPGS for free, and this game is old as fck.

Asking any more for 5-7.50/month would be Overpriced, that is my personal opinion, I would probably still pay 10-15, but I doubt we will see the population we want if it was 5 or none /month.

BTW did you even read my post, or you talking about someone else's posts? because you made no sense.

But can't they make the 5-10/month fee be made as maintence instead of profit and be legal?

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