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Originally Posted by Dorkybob View Post
I voted for the wipe with the frogs, if the wipe was gonna go at-least let us have a touch of help getting things up and going again.

It saddens me that duplicate accounts are still a large problem after such a fuss was made about them just a short time back. If you don't wanna ban IP addresses that's fine because people can clone those and get back in, but I'm sure that there are other methods that could be used, such as a one time purchase of a code to activate your account, this would allow for more moneys to support the server and better tracking of accounts and release the IP restrictions that are in place now. (oh and start the flames on this quick before my post gets cold)

I also was a touch confused with the outcome of the poll, I was around the 2010'th or so to vote and from what I saw that the wipe votes did total in excess of 66+ %. So if you could please reply to the why the wipe was retracted I and many other would be greatful, even if it's just a simple, (look we wanted to give you just a bit of something new, but seeing that there was such an out poor about it that we decided that it was more trouble than it was worth...) just be honest, because honesty goes a long way!

As for those folks that are Duping, track them, get the info that you need to stop it in the OR. Implement your new Duping and hacking code if you can without a wipe and see if it helps. (btw it takes a particular type of person to dupe and hack and that can be an asset in some cases. so yes use that asset and make the OR code better!) (I do not support Duping or hacking, nor do I do it, but to pass up the opportunity to strengthen the Server code base to stop such acts is just plain silly!)

So lets stop the QQing and get this show on the road folks, the OR needs the attention that would have been put into the wipe anyway, and two days put into the OR now is two days less we have to wait to test it!
cRush (dev) already replied to why it was redacted. I don't have the quote though im sure someone else does.
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