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Originally Posted by Joshino View Post

Also all the expiry dates are out of wack, half a year for reposting something? I lol'd.
The long expiry dates are to keep users from 'playing the system'. We found with the old system certain users would rack up enough infractions to get a day or two ban, let the points 'cool off' if you will due to short expiration times, then do it all over again. This lead to several users getting a slap on the wrist over and over and over again. The long expiration times give more weight to the infraction system, whereas a short expiration makes it into a little game.

Originally Posted by Joshino View Post
2.14 Advertise or attempt to sell products for profit. Only products authorised by SWGEmu may be advertised for sale. 1 point, expires in 3 months
Why does this have a longer expiry time than harassment or reposting deleted messages?
It doesn't.

Originally Posted by KillerQueen View Post
When are they switching to the new forums? Will this be soon or just something planned in the distant future?
Originally Posted by michaeljs1990 View Post
Sorry if i missed it but i could not find when it was going into effect. Is this going to be around the same time as the OR?
Some of the stuff is already in effect, such as the new rules and infraction system.

As for the forums, they're coming at the same time as the account management system, which is coming at the same time as the OR. Unfortunately an exact date is impossible, but we're trying to have it all done as soon as possible.