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Originally Posted by Quelogue View Post
Yeah, it would be a real tragedy if this project gets completed the day before the earth explodes. /wink

As a returning player (after 1 year of non-participation), it's good to see that some progress has been made; i.e. the addition of lairs/missions. However, there are some serious bugs, which I'm sure have been reported at least once already.

Is anything being done to address these issues?
Ok, normally I am not the one who does this but I would like to point something out to everyone..... once again. TC Nova is a test center, and there will be bugs until they wipe it out... which will happen the day they do the OR. They are restructuring everything right now so that things will actually work when implimented.

This team has done a great job and come a long way. The only gripe I have is that I know everyone feels like they are being left in limbo because we are really getting no updates other then every once in awhile "They are working on it". However, I am patient and hope for the OR just like others. But until the OR is done, I wouldnt look for any major bug fixes.

Oh and I /agree JSW321