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Originally Posted by Raiyden View Post
I agree. Its all about communication. When Xeno was on the old forums, he was very much a nice guy in relation to the community. He cancelled a ban I had received for merely pointing out certain facts, and listened to the community. People will have more faith in a team with good community skills. At the end of the day though, the best working emulator will be the one adopted by the community. Theres no two ways about it. If swgemu is the best, then everyone will use it, if the "other" emu is, then that will be most popular. But if you want support from the community, the easiest way to get this is through good communication. Be it in updates, or discussions, although most fundamentally important is being nice to the community and helping new members instead of creating an atmosphere of "1337" ness whereby all new members are demeaned as "n00bs" for being ignorant of the project. The very langauge of 1337 really gives the project a bad and unprofessional look, and the fact that people feel that the easiest way to win brownie points with the devs is by flaming new members really detracts from my personal interest in posting or trying to help out. Just my thoughts, take them as you will.
This is well said, communication from the Devs is a very important aspect in any community. Also from the community it-self if we can work together we can create a great invirement for people to join our Emulator and to enjoy posting and being part of this great experience once again. But I can also state that in the near future once the Emulator is released our active members and community will jump 10 fold.
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