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An Idea

I loved precu. A lot. Too much actually.
But I am not playing swgemu yet. Im not testing it. Nothing like that.
See, from what I can tell by looking at the forums, this is what will happen.

1: I download a large file to install swg.
2: I open up the myriad of different guides to install swgemu and bumble through it
3: I have to replace certain files with certain other files
4: I run the patch
5: I try to log in
6: I will crash and/or be unable to login
7: I will post on the forum for help
8: I am told to do a forum search for the guides, and am told "stfu noob" and other "leet" expletives.
9: I try to explain why I cant login because the guides are difficult to understand, some are contradictory, and there are multiple files/installers I need to run
10: I am yet again called a noob
11: I dont end up logging in, so I give up.

Instead, I chose the more stress free path of:
1: Watch the forums in silence and await the coming of a single patcher/installer/updater/downloader that gets rid of the guesswork and file replacing
2: Install/play/post feedback

Because I havent installed the game due to the seeming difficulty of installation, I havent tried. I personally thing this is where many of the 8k users stand.
Because I cant play, I cant post feedback.
If you want a bigger community and more users and feedback, Make a nice big easy installer, and eliminate the flaming.