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3) Developers Perspective: (Round Table)

Originally Posted by cRush
I have been busy trying to balance my college courses, development of two websites, and get ready to start the job hunting process. In the spare time I have found, I have began to organize Medic/Doctor code and break it into a more efficient structure. Furthermore, much progress has been completed on PCP as it evolves towards its end goal. Once my personal website is launched, I should find more time and less pressure on me.
Originally Posted by kyle
As many of the devs here, I am starting this semester. I will have much less free time this semester (Senior Year) and I am required to fulfill 1 or 2 internships in addition to my full class load and full time job. My plan for the next few months for SWGEmu are to finish the crafting framework, and get schematic entry started for all professions. When this is started, I am going to start the Artificial Intelligence framework for Creatures and NPC's. They are going to kick your butt hardcore. Be ready.

Something I would like to do is develop a definition of what our "v1.0" release should contain. The v1.0 release will lift the connection limit on the public builds of engine3, and allow others to run their own SWG precu servers however they like. We have stated before that a v1.0 release should be able to support the ground portion of the game, so we'll start with that.

Tonight I will create a topic in the staff section of the forums and get to work over the next two weeks in coming up with what we need before v1.0, then share that with you guys in the next BiWeekly. With the definition of what a v1.0 release is, a ballpark ETA for release is more feasible.

I've just committed the work I've been doing with item permissions. You can now set very specific restrictions on who can use individual items (by faction / sex / species / overtness). I know some of you have been working on creating loottables. To make your lives easier I've also created a LootTable Permission Tool. Put it on a php server, point it to your DB, and go. It should help you set item permission very quickly.

Now that I'm done this, I'm going to start my work on setting regions (no build areas, active regions, etc.) Which this is finished, we'll be able to do a lot of interesting things, such as player structures, and event triggers.

More to come!
4) Closing:

Our push torwards v1.0 is coming closer every update. The Packaged Community Portal will inevitably become a server owners best friend and will eventually cover up the whole on the Administrative Tools side.

Combat code overhauls are taking place, which should make combat much less buggier and easier to work with (in and out of script). Data collection for Crafting, while almost invisible to the community, has been going strong. Kyle's tool, detailed in the Body section of this BiWeekly, has been a valuable asset to the team and will bring back an accurate implementation of the crafting system we have come to love.

We will also be looking into how we can use Missions as "test assignments" to make testing of specific features more straight forward.

Almost there guys!
-Team SWGEmu
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