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by crafting what do you refer to? what exactly are we going to see fixed or added soon? I ask cause medical crafting is still not back in yet. Architect isn't craftable yet. alot of bugs in tailor. no DE. and all of them require smiular and identical parts to stack which still doensn't work. even artisan still has a couple schems not loading right.

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Hey guys, Quick Update on Tasks and what is to come:

These next few days will be the last of intensive bug testing with the current TC feature set. Milestone One is 14 days away, so features like Crafting, Basic AI, Housing, Harvs, and my missions will be hitting the TC before then for general testing. Do not hold out until the new features are rolled out on TC. Continue to test and comment on existing bug reports in the bug tracker.

Some of the newer features will be on TC before the next Phase Testing task list, in which case this thread will be updated.

If you haven't seen already, we are looking to pick up new developers and start them on unattended projects. See this thread for more details:

Thank you for your continued support,
-Team SWGEmu