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[NOVA] Partial Wipe 4/25/2009

Partial Database Wipe

Saturday April 25
17:00 PDT (Los Angeles) | 19:00 MDT (Denver) | 20:00 CDT (Chicago) | 21:00 EST (New York)

Sunday April 26
2:00 UTC (London) | 3:00 CEST (Berlin) | 5:00 MST (Moscow) | 11:00 AEST (Sydney)

At 9pm EST on 4/25/2009 a partial wipe of TC:Nova was effected. The following areas were wiped:
  • All character inventories
  • All bazaars
  • All character datapads (includes vehicles)

We are attempting to quell the rampant Inventory bugs that are prevalent at the moment on TC, while waiting for the object revamp to be completed.

For info on the object revamp, refer to the following thread and quotes:

Inventory Full Issue

Originally Posted by Ramsey View Post
Misc fixes to TC that will hit on the next restart:

Please retest the 3 missions given at the Theed SWGEmu Mission terminal to make sure they work as intended, a few things were changed in script to make room for upcoming lairs. The following mission issue is already known:

I was unable to reproduce the TC inventory bug locally...if you encounter the issue after tonight, please comment on this bug report if you have any new info to add:

I know it is hard to test when there are rampant bugs such as the inventory one...but it is when we need testers the most. Thank you for your understanding.
Originally Posted by Max View Post
The problem is that the object restructure which will fix all these problems is a few weeks away. We don't want to have people finding their time on Nova so frustrating that the leave in that time. We need to keep testers interested and engaged; and that means addressing major issues that affect them today, so they're still here tomorrow.
Thank you for your understanding and patience. The only way we can find these issues is through the reports of helpful people on the TC. Dangerous times are the times to get online more often, not less often.
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