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Development Status - May/June 2009


I'm making this topic to address a few questions being asked over the current status of the project.

The development team is currently in the middle of the Object Restructure. This is a massive undertaking and will be the main focus until its completion, which will be a few weeks out.

Code for the object restructure will not make it onto Test Center: Nova until it's completion.

Test Center: Nova is running an older and much more stable revision of the trunk (1467). Please keep in mind that revision 1467 predates the structure overhaul and Creature Handler. CH was causing way too many problems and it is no longer in the interest of the team to stabilize the trunk until the Object-Revised version of Core3 becomes "trunk". The latest revision of the trunk, although unstable, still has Creature Handler and the Structure revamp implemented, so if you are interested in looking at those features on your own, feel free to do so.

Testing after the Object Restructure will be a bit more effective and increment at a pace similar to normal PreCU progression. We'll make detailed instructions on how to test the object restructure most effectively after it has rolled onto TC.

Thank you for your understanding,
-- Team SWGEmu
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