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Exclamation The SWGEmu Event Coordination Team is recruiting!

Greetings SWGEmu community members. We are actively seeking new SWGEmu team members for the role(s) listed below. If you are a motivated individual and meet the requirements for following position, please send an email to with your SWGEmu forum account name and email address and request an application.
Please place 'Application Request' in the subject.

Event Coordinator Requirements
  • Sufficient free time to dedicate to the SWGEmu project.
  • Able to create events for the community in a timely manner.
  • Possess the ability to communicate thoughts clearly and simply.
  • Exhibit an outgoing personality, self-confidence and excellent communication skills.
  • Be assertive yet able to participate as part of a team and be open to new ideas.
  • Show creativity, initiative, motivation and good judgment.
  • Be respectful to other SWGEmu Staff and Community Members.

SWGEmu Test Center Director
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