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Rubberbanding in a Box

First off - many many thanks to the staff, community helpers, and community members that assisted so many players: TheAnswer, Ilipah, Ellysia, Shadow-Viper, GeForce, Isra, Shaydin, Mijom and many, many others.


NOTE1: About half the time, the Stand macro suggested in various threads will often put you IN the RB box. If you are simply rubberbanding or stuttering, do not use that macro. The Rubberband Box means you cannot move more than a meter or two before having to stop for a few seconds.

NOTE2: Do not logout in water. This is a surefire way to find the RubberBand Box.

Option 1: Do it Yourself
  • You need to go to a shuttleport not the starport (inching along at a pace that snails are laughing as they pass you up). You can do this by autorun and spam clicking your /stand button.
  • Buy a ticket to ANOTHER shuttleport on the same planet. Again do not use the starports. You can use outposts. (if your on lok but you are out of luck - take option 2)
  • Dump all macros on any game instance you have open.
  • Go prone you by the ticket collector while the shuttle is there.
  • Take the shuttle while prone.
  • Type /stand after you arrive.
  • If you are not fixed, repeat 2 times in a row.
You should arrive un-boxed at your destination. If this does not work after two times, do option #2.

Option #2: Go to #swgemusupport in IRC
  • You must have attempted Option #1 first.
  • Go into IRC #swgemusupport and request a GM unbox you. They will tell you what GM is on duty at the time. (Please do not randomly page a GM, there are other issues we are taking care of too.)
  • Dump your macros on all instances of the game
  • PM the specified GM with "I am Boxed" and go /prone
  • GM will summon you (this is a one way ticket to wherever the GM is - we will not return you to your former position. Do not ask for ports back or expect the GM to be located in a convenient spot for you)
  • Check to see if you are still stuck or rubberbanding.
  • Clear the area so the GM can see who to help next.
Extreme fixes #3
  • A GM decides if this is necessary after multiple failures in Option #2
  • You must be prone.
  • GM will @kill you then summon you. Do not clone.
  • GM @rez you.
  • You /stand.
  • Check to see if you are still stuck or rubberbanding.
  • Clear the area so the GM can see who to help next.

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