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^^ Yes, thank you for the clarification cRush. I too was hoping that even if - in essence - the formatting of the code had to be changed from top to bottom, that the basic content of it would still be useful. And that more than just its formulas could be used. Going back to zero was too hideous to even contemplate.

As for my own negative comments on AFK macroing, I was only speaking about wanting to see some tools to fight it included in the finished emulator. Trying to craft using mats gathered by sampling alone is of course absurd. If I was on TC now, I'd be macroing these myself. But I guess a lot of people are actually getting competitive on TC - something which I view as fairly silly.

However on the finished emulator, I can see where all the Jedi wannabees are going to scream bloody murder if AFK macroing is not tolerated. But to me, that only makes a stronger argument for saying "tough, if you can't hack it then don't plan on being a Jedi".