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Originally Posted by Crush
There was a lot more behind the decision - it's not that the whining minority won out. We started thinking about the real effects the blue frogs would have, and realized offering them as a condition of the poll was a mistake.
- Players would have exploited the frogs to become Jedi faster, and it would have taken away some interdependence since everyone could become self sufficient.
- Changing the frogs to guard against these exploits meant changing the terms of condition.
- A third poll was discussed and decided against.
- We felt that if we just left TC the way it was, then it would be the best thing for both parties.
What you're doing is listing "no" points in defense of the decision to ignore the community. Your points have a place: in the dialog and debate that led up to the poll and it's outcome. Despite these hypothetical consequences, an overwhelming majority of voters still favored a wipe.

It would be like if, following the 2008 elections, the Bush administration announced,
"Hey guys. We appreciate all the debate and discussion surrounding this whole election, but ultimately, we decided that a Democrat administration wouldn't be able to properly run the country. After much internal discussion, we have decided to retain control of the executive branch.
-A liberal executive would be likely to drive up the national deficit with immense federal spending.
-A democrat executive would increase the tax burden.
-A democrat president would reduce incentives to work through socializing programs."

Dispute the analogy all you want, but the ultimate point is this: such points were already a part of the debate that led up to the poll/election's turnouts. If these criticisms of a server wipe are true, let the people who voted for it sit with the consequences. Simply restating the minority position and ignoring the majority is senseless.