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Originally Posted by Kayliaah View Post
It's simple.

PreCU = Swoop, Speederbike, X34 Landspeeder (X31?), AV21 Landspeeder (Corvette stuff I think), Flash Speeder (with JTL I think).

Now we need more vehicles, but it's most likely just a dream.
We still have client side mods though... but it's not the same.
The X31 was a free bike you got during pre/cu (not sure what publish it started) the x34 was the crafted version of the bike, a little bit faster then the x31.

The x31 was a one person bike ( asfar i remeber) the x34 always bin a two person bike.

av21 also was a multi person (two) bike but rare and expencive , just below the jetpack on the hard to get list.