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Originally Posted by kalaminu View Post
Seriously. Have you ever been a crafter?? Moan all you want about people being afk but without it you wouldn't have anything to buy. Here is the chef grind mat list......

3.9k Vegetables
3.9k Cereal
12k Wheat
6k Oats
98.5k Berries
49.3k Fruits
55.4k Water

Now even when taking into account we are getting double exp atm thus dividing those totals in half, I'm asking you, whether you would want to sample all of that lot ATK?? I am prepared to bet the answer is no. Once harvesters are in then the issue will go away but I guess we'll have a long wait for that until the OR is done (just guessing there)

As for afk combat grinders, well they are just pathetic. But zapping all afk people will end up with the combat types having nothing to buy coz I for one am not gonna ATK sample 100k or more of resources for a elite crafting prof.

And ON TOPIC....... Thx for the update Max. Nice to know how the project is progressing
God why do people always assume that just because you say something against something else, you've never tried it. Yes I have a crafter, yes I spend HOURS grinding mats. Jesus, does that change the fact that the good of the many outweigh the good of the few? Keeping the server lag free and ONLINE is more important then crafters afk grinding.