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Originally Posted by Lobreeze View Post
you cant AFK grind crafting for like the 1000th time.

Stop acting like you know whats best Colt, its getting tiresome.

Even worse, you admit to AFK grinding mobs, so stop being so hypocritical. By your reasoning you should be kept out to keep the server lag free. Needs of the many outweigh the few amirite?

You just keep pulling statements and facts support to your arguments out of thin air. I don't believe for a second that you spent any time crafting, or else you would know how you can't craft AFK.
Sure is trying to sound smart in here.

1: I didn't say afk crafting, I said crafters afk grinding, grinding what? Well mats of course.

2: I generally do know whats best and until proven wrong I'll keep striving for it

3: ACTUALLY I never said keep the AFK grinders out, I said they wont be able to afk grind for long because with my idea the server auto reboot would kick them out. And since they're AFK, they aren't around to re-log in. So it's not hypocritical in the least, plz lern 2 reed?

4: Again, I never said you could AFK craft, u rly need 2 lern 2 reed lul.