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Originally Posted by Shadow2k View Post
I think you should go back and read the first post in this thread. They didn't ignore your opinion. They had valid reasons for what they did, whether you agree with their decision or not.

If they wanted to ignore you, they never would have posted the polls. Why create the drama? Makes no sense.
You've got it backwards mate. If the devs had decided on a wipe without asking us then that would have been out of necessity for the development of the server or OR or whatever. But this wipe was for us, so they asked us. If you remove a president from his/ her office its out of necessity, if you hold an election it becomes a choice for the people. (sorry for the odd analogy)

Originally Posted by odwill View Post
What we now realize is it may cause more damage then good in the end. .
This is the only valid reason they gave, if its a reason at all.
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