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After the Team retracted my removal, and after we've had time to talk, I've decided that I'm going to officially resign from my post as an Event Coordinator. It's not that I don't feel comfortable remaining in the position to do the job, but there are some things that I've recognized that I do need to fix. The first thread that detailed my release stated that I had an incredibly vile conversation with Ellayn, and while I still don't believe that to be the case, after receiving a log of what I had said, I realized I had been emotionally compromised and was being more of a troll than a "voice of reason". For those of you who read my comprehensive post on my time with the Staff team, know that I am still standing by what I wrote, but that I am going to let go my position now to hopefully return at a later date.

I want to thank you all again for coming out for my events, the feedback, and the fun that we had. To all those fearing that this means no more Swoop Track Races, if Kreen or Renala wish to be taught I will be glad to take the time to show them how I made them so that you may continue to enjoy them regardless of my participation. See you around.