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I love you guys, I really do. I'll admit as much as I loved the thought of ever playing Pre-CU again, I figured there was a snowballs chance in...that place... to ever get to see it again. I figured this idea would wither away, and so I dared not get my hopes up.

I really really hope sometimes in between the deadlocks/gripes/trolling/whinging that the staff has a chance to sit back and reflect on what it is you guys have done here. I think this project is the epitome of ignoring doomsayers/naysayers. You all should be proud and should pat yourselves on the backs. If you only do it sometimes you should do it more.

There is lots more to go of course, but I for one have been enjoying my last couple of months thanks to you all. You all have this one man's gratitude as well as my humble support. Thank you.