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I've been enjoying SWGEmu for a few months now off and on, and am also astonished at the progress. Haven't said 'thanks' to all the volunteers and everyone that plays a part in restoring the greatest game ever back to it's former glory.

So a big THANK YOU to Ekaika for keeping us informed, but aslo to all the volunteers, all the coders, all the error testers, all the web-site folks, all the IRC folks, EVERYONE that has played a part in getting it to where it is today, and working on the great, bright future that is ahead!

NO LONGER can Sony and the SWG dev's RIP A GAME OUT FROM UNDER US! All of you volunteers have seen to it, now the ORIGINAL SWG, the fun one with all the professions, with the great combat system, and all it's original quirks that made it THE MOST UNIQUE MMORPG OF THEM ALL - you all have made it possible for the PLAYERS to enjoy this game in all it's former (and future!) glory!

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