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Originally Posted by Shiriki View Post
A while ago (read: several month) I read a statement saying that the current codebase would be made obsolete by the OR so there would be no point in fixing bugs we find on the server and therefore also no point in reporting bugs. Is that still true? Or hast the OR progressed far enough that parts of it have been integrated and need to be tested?

So Long
i am sure you would have to read a whole long debate but the unofficial consensus is to press on with the testing, the way i see it, the OR is another way to access the many programs and data in their database, so in fact most of the old code will be the same, rewritten, or will be built in the standard of the older code.

why would the devs build up a huge database and then consider everything 100% useless? they dont.

back on topic thanks EK and the whole crew and i will even go so far as to thank everyone that isnt here today, even if they cant or will not be seeing this my gratitude is out there none the less =)