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I know this has been mentioned countless times before but in my opinion the big clue that a wipe was possible is the part that some people seem to miss that says "Test Center" I'm no expert but from playing on the test centers of other games wipes happen and then you start again with a slightly better game more working features etc. Then you test the hell out of it until it is wiped again and yet more new features are implemented... and so the cycle repeats.
I understand that in this case there is no live server to play on yet, but that is the aim of the test center, and having beta tested a few games in the past I treat this as beta testing as there was no live server for JTL when I tested that, or any of the other games I was invited to test.
Also my final thought on this, surely the wipe is a good thing because as well as gettiing the OR with it's new coding and features, everyone is in the same boat and any new players don't have to struggle to get anywhere because of the economy.

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