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My first time posting here so don't burn me to bad cause I have a couple of noob questions.

First let me say yahoo!!!! for the OR and that I am looking forward to making this game the way its supposed to be an even better. Now when I ask these questions, I am just asking cause I am curious.

First these blue frogs, when we did the OR test they where giving out items and professions and what not etc? Is that how they will function in this new OR?

Secondly, From what I read on here, and my reading could be completely off base cause I a bit of a retard, is that you will not be able to unlock Jedi. If this is true will it be implemented later? If you can then ignore this question.

Last, will JTL be implemented? As in will we be able to get our own ships and all that?

Sorry if these questions where answered already and if they cannot be answered then that is fine also.