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so far it doesn't look like there isn't going to be a wipe, honestly either way it doesn't bother me, i have a jedi, i have credits i didn't dupe. But seriously one part of this game I always loved was the fact that you could group up with your friends like everyone other MMO, however right now its more beneficial to grind solo because of group experience being broken. So this is for the dev's if there is a wipe, it's cool however please add to your fixes, group experience. Once you have 3 or 4 people in a group you either get no experience, or very little. I hope you take what I have said into account. Some people may think this guys whack, just solo. The problem is I like to work with friends in a group, it is very easy to grind, and you don't need help this much is true, but it's just more enjoyable.