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Old 03-30-2007, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by SwgEMUtester View Post
I understand this may be interpreted as a flame, and so be it if that’s the case. But since no one else has said it and probably won’t out and that typical fear which seems to linger around of a ban, I will say it. I find it extremely ironic and I bet a large majority does as well, that your help pledge to the community for contribution begins with the above lines.

The fact many members have tried, consistently to do just what you’re talking about, being creating forum topics, and discussing in IRC numerous topics and what not. Only to be shut down by what could basically be summed up as elitist attitudes. The irony? That these very attitudes are backed up by what seems to be the core of the moderation staff within the emu.

Obviously change is needed, and I for one applaud you Ramsey for starting this initiative. For that, you have my respect.

Onto my point though, for change to be made, problems need to be named.

From a IRC perspective (I am a major idler, I idle almost 23 hours, with a minor connection interrupt whilst I change computers from home / work) and I do read the majority of what is said in #swgemu and #test. For what I do not read, I log it. Anyhow, from a pure IRC perspective change can begin with two active @’s in IRC.

Phantomleader – Many idlers think he’s a mere bot, I would have thought just that, except I surprisingly saw him posting him on the SWGEMU forums. Many of his actions in IRC consist of kicks from half ass reading of the IRC channel, alongside repeating the same thing over and over. He hardly contributes in there, it just seems he enjoys being a internet cop.

Ultyma - He seems to be the godsend of the elitist attitudes which thrive mostly in IRC, he never takes action against the rude or the flamers and mostly insults new members, kicks or bans them in a heartbeats nice. You say we need to build a community, you say recruit friends, build up interest Ramsey. How can we do that when they say something which doesn’t agree with Ultyma and they end up with a ban? It not only makes the swgemu project as a whole look bad, but it makes myself look bad to my friends.

My fingers are slightly tired now, but please, the above issues are critical to needing reviewing, we can then move on from there.
I said most of this in previous posts. I agree. But don't say people aren't telling mods and devs to shape up too. We are.

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