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Bi-Weekly Updates Bi-Weekly Updates are SWGEmu's cornerstone updates, posted every two weeks.

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Old 03-20-2009, 05:44 PM
Tyranis Tyranis is offline
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Originally Posted by bongandbeer View Post
awesome progress ,... id love to see the rubberbanding gone =)

but heres a lil question ,...

does movin the server effect the connection?

im in germany,.... and i wonder where the connection goes,..

i mean which cables does it use to get to europe?
does it now take any other cables than before?

i dont seem to get any connection and the launchpad takes extremly long to load

excuse my english and my gram, i hope you understand what im askin.
I didn't seen an answer to this, so I hope I didn't miss it, if I did, sorry for the double post.

Anyway, the major lines from europe to america go through the ocean, so the america-europe connection is not affected, however its possible that the location of the server is further away from europe, that however shouldn't make you unable to connect.
Could it be possible you tried to login during a moment the server wasn't on?

Anyway, I hope you get it sorted mate, not bein able to log in sucks

Heh... almost forgot the essence of the thread xD

GREAT job devs!

And to all those who think thins are slowing down, maybe they are, but they're still going at a considerable rate! and you can't forget that the devs have a life too! They have jobs/school, friends etc.... they can't program on emu 24/7 (although I doubt anyone would mine if they could xD)

And about the content of the update, maybe it doesn't seem like much 'new' things in-game, but if they just go for pure content, the game will be so buggy and so near to impossible to fix that its going to take them considerably longer than when right now they fix stuff once they know its broken, same goes for code updates, those are needed every now and then to insure they can build up the rest of the code on what they have already, if they can't do that, there wont be no pre-CU.
So keep in mind that what they're doing now is as much needed as those much wanted houses/mission terms etc...

And on a sidenote, the teaser in the end is evil, but I guess you guys knew that when you told us xD

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