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Developer Chat Logs Once a month, on the second Saturday, at 7PM EST, we will hold an open Developer discussion on IRC. The logs from these chats will be posted here.

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Old 12-13-2008, 10:16 PM
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DevChat Log - December 13th, 2008

Thanks to everyone to participated in December's devchat. Here are the questions that were asked.

Originally Posted by DevChat - December 13th, 2008

<@kyle> Lets get this chat started
<@kyle> And likely finished shortly after

<TravisC555> How close are harvesters/factories to being put on yhr TC and what is the next crafting profession to be worked on?
<@kyle> Harvesters are VERY close
<@kyle> We have a bit to do with resources, and when mcmahon get back, they should be ready to go
<@kyle> Factories are a bit out still until crafting is more done
<@kyle> There are no "professions" being worked on right now, we are redoing most everything and hope to be back to working on professions in a matter of weeks

<Anakis> when will Assembla be fixed so we can submit patches?
<@kyle> Probably not for a few weeks

<Anakis> and the old Trac system can't be used till then?
<@kyle> While we could fix it sooner, there are massive changes happening that have invalided all tickets
<@kyle> And will probably continue to invalidate tickets

<Anakis> so how do you suggest that people submit their work in the meantime?
<@kyle> Honestly, not submitting is the best idea for the time being. With the reprecussions of the recent code conversion, it is likely that any patches submitted now would have to be redone anyways
<@kyle> As soon as we are back on track with adding patches, I promise there will be a delivery system for it
<@kyle> Most likely, built into eclipse

<Relentless> is there a status of players being able to put houses down on the TC, or is this not planned?
<@kyle> Well, clearly we all know houses can be put down
<@kyle> Anyone at the Stress Test saw that
<@kyle> Recent code additions for containers makes housing much closer
<@kyle> There is going to be a lot of new code, bugs, features relating to storage, housing and structures this month
<@kyle> Without making any promises, I would think housing might be on TC before people go back to school if all goes well.

<Ekaika> kyle, do we know what is causing the disappearing ticket collectors?
<@kyle> I think TheAnswer knows that
<@kyle> It's pretty new that I don't know all the details
<@kyle> Whatever the case, it will be fixed soon
<@kyle> The test center will probably be unstable for the coming few weeks because of the large changes and features, so please be patient with us

<Aurrah> Is doc med crafting close?
<goreignak> Are crafting schematics, as a whole, still on target for January? Or may they be, by chance, ahead of schedule?
<@kyle> Crafting is on hold for the moment. And by crafting is "on hold" i mean that there is much internal work going on for ALL schematics, but there will be no public updates for at least a few weeks, if not more.
<@kyle> I don't recall a January commitment for schematics
<@kyle> But, I hope to be releasing them in groups by then

<hashman> Will the containers and item placement allow for dungeon items/containers too?
<@kyle> Yes
<@kyle> To hashman

<Verith> Do y'all have a set amount of species y'all are going to add or is it just whatever interests the team? I have seen some interesting things run around in the test center lately. ^_^
<@kyle> Only the species included in the 14.1 version of SWG will be included for initial release
<@kyle> Anything after that is not planned, but it is possible to add other species
<@kyle> Exactness to pre-cu is the only concern at this point. We refer to that as "Vanilla"
<@kyle> Vanilla is all we are concerned with right now

<Ekaika> Q: Has anyone touched Squad Leader
<@kyle> Touched, yes
<@kyle> Done anything substantial, no

<goreignak> This may not be a hot to-do item, but I'm curious: Are there any plans to further populate the worlds with more random spawns aside from those around cities and major points of interests?
<goreignak> Before Live?
<@kyle> Random creature spawns are part of pre-cu, so yes.

<darkplace> When should the caves dungeons be cleaned up, NPC beeing stuck in walls walking through walls, out of range issues
<@kyle> To clarify, I will NOT answer any ETA related questions here, so don't ask them please.
<@kyle> darkplace: This will be fixed, it just isn't a primary concern at this point

<Axims> Were you happy with the numbers/performance during the stress test?
<@kyle> Axims: Yes. The server can easily handle more that the client can as far as items in one location. It was a great test
<@kyle> Also for clarification: Any features that don't work as they did in pre-cu are either not finished or not implemented

<goreignak> Is there any reason why Rifleman do not have the "Take Cover" action? Is it an imbalance concern, or coding issue?
<+TAfirehawk> goreignak, rifleman is not finished, you should post/read in the Rifleman Forum

<Tolbat> Question: Several months back I proposed some ideas for (Commando working as intended) since it was severly bugged and incomplete in live. I have heard from some sources that the commando fix was a go however I have not been able to confirm this. Any Comment? http://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13900 (this was my post)
<@kyle> Tolbat: I can't speak for your ideas
<@kyle> If it is A) Pre-CU
<@kyle> or B) Intended for pre-cu but 100% clearly and obviously bugged
<@kyle> It will be in Vanilla

<+Ekaika> 14:40 Wiggles • what is left concerning structures? it seems cells seem to be working pretty well, as well as placement. are the management terminals still under development?
<@kyle> Mostly we were waiting for Containers, which are getting to TC now
<@kyle> Also, the completion of heightmaps

<+Ekaika> 14:41 Relentless • Are there any non-coding tasks that can be done by the players besides reporting bugs on the tc, that will help production of a current priority or the overall project? If so, are there any specifics and who should we talk to?
<@kyle> I believe heightmaps are being completed by TheAnswer
<@kyle> Currently, reporting bugs is about all for people to do
<+TAfirehawk> reviewing the Prof Forum's info would be a help....so we can get the best info in front of the devs when they need it
<@kyle> There may be data collection stats in the near future though. Best thing to do is pick and area of the game, and write detailed bug reports
<@kyle> And post them in the appropriate place, and NOT getting discouraged if it takes the devs a long time to get to that area of the game.

<+Ekaika> 14:43 Axims • Speaking of reporting bugs..i'm alittle out of the loop sorry..but do you think the implementation of /bug and the holocron with the support site will increase the level of bug reports? Seems like a very good idea..is that almost completed?
<@kyle> Yes that will help greatly
<@kyle> And hoping to have that up and going before the end of the christmas holidays

<+Ekaika> 14:42 Aurrah • the damage acuit/unarmed toughness don't seem to be working, and the tkm damage seems like it hasn't been implimented yet
<+Ekaika> which I think means, what is the status of TKM
<@kyle> All combat is being redone, any question like this will be likely addressed in the Combat Upgrade we are doing.
<@kyle> haha, j/k had to say CU
<@kyle> Combat 2.0 will address that
<+Ekaika> Answering Aurrah's follow up - There are no ETA's
<+TAfirehawk> combat is being totally recoded and we are testing it internally, not on TC......but as i said earlier, we really depend on the community info and feedback and prof specific things need to go in the Prof Forums

<+Ekaika> 14:46 Wiggles • i've noticed that in caves, there seems to be an issue in transitioning between cells. that's to say that the personal light abruptly stops at cell divisions and that you cannot attack npc's in different cells
<@kyle> Yes, we know of the cell transition issues, and they will be addressed at some point, probably after all the major features being worked on now are done

<+Ekaika> 14:48 Relentless • Is there an exact date for the next biweekly report?
<+Max> heh
<@kyle> On / Around the 15th +/- 3-4 days
<@kyle> That is about as exact as I can make it
<+Max> The surprise factor is always a plus I'd hope

<+Ekaika> Any other questions? PM me
<+Ekaika> I think we're done. Anything staff wants to add?
<+Max> Keep at it
<+Max> Don't give TC or the project the slip because of a couple of issues - help us help you and you'll be having more fun than ever in no time
<+Ekaika> Please, when submitting bug reports, try to make them as clear and informative as possible
<+Tolbat> Log onto the TC as often ass possible
<+TAfirehawk> there goes our G rating
<+vashman> ^^ what they said..and oh please do not send csrs/admin tells to be rezed unless your bugged we get a lot of tells and we need to be able to help people who really need it
<+Tolbat> my appologies
<+Ekaika> last chance for questions...

<+Ekaika> I've got one. Kyle, what's YOUR primary focus within the project right now?
<@kyle> My #1 focus is the revamp of the Schematic Tool and the crafting process to match
<@kyle> Lots of work behind the scenes with data and data entry
<@kyle> And other code that goes into various tools for the project.
<+Ekaika> =)

<+Ekaika> 14:59 Aurrah • What else can we do to help?
<@kyle> Donate, tell your friends, play on TC, be active on the forums.
<+TAfirehawk> tell your friends is a big one.....the more pre-CU vets we have the better to help the devs code things "right"
<+Ekaika> 15:01 Aurrah • Whenever I am on, I am available to the CSR's and Devs if they need anything...just ask please
<+Ekaika> ^^ that's the attitude that helps the most
<+Ekaika> 15:03 Axims • As always thankyou for taking the time to answer questions :>
<+Ekaika> Thanks for your support guys
<+Ekaika> 15:05 Aurrah • and thank you for all the work youall have put into this project. We, the community, are amazed and completely grateful for reviving this. This cannot be said enough.

<+Ekaika> 15:08 hashman • ask if there is a list we can see of whats done or whats going to done in combat soon, b/c i can fix stuff to but dont know whats where
<+TAfirehawk> combat is all being done in the CombatTest branch of the SVN
<+TAfirehawk> panchjr did have a document there with status, but honestly i haven't looked at it for awhile so i don't know how current it is

<+Link> expect to see more things happening within the next month with crafting, I will be returning to help with crafting ... just thought i should say something

That is the end of this devchat. As always, we strongly encourage everyone to attend each one. See you next time!
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Old 12-13-2008, 11:39 PM
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Thanks for answering my question. Good to hear that harvesters are almost ready!
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Old 12-14-2008, 10:47 AM
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A great source of info there, thanks Kyle and the dev team.

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Old 12-14-2008, 02:33 PM
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Good Chat, I hope to see more people there next time.
Old 12-14-2008, 03:03 PM
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I missed it... thought it was on the 15th for some stupid reason. Well some questions close enough to mine to answer them, so thanks. I'll be there next month.
Old 12-14-2008, 03:10 PM
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Nice log, Thanks Kyle and all of the Developer team

Old 12-14-2008, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by corbaer View Post
I missed it... thought it was on the 15th for some stupid reason. Well some questions close enough to mine to answer them, so thanks. I'll be there next month.
same here, for some odd reason i thought it would be tomorrow (15th)

too bad i missed it bah..o well, nice bit of info there and thank you for posting this on the forums for us to see
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Old 12-14-2008, 05:55 PM
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Couldn't make it there in IRC, but still <3 you all.

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Old 12-14-2008, 06:14 PM
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Remember, we're holding them on the second Saturday of each month. That isn't always on the 15th
Old 12-14-2008, 06:32 PM
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Sorry, thought it was on the 15th of each month. Rescheduled it in my calendar.
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