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Developer Chat Logs Once a month, on the second Saturday, at 7PM EST, we will hold an open Developer discussion on IRC. The logs from these chats will be posted here.

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Old 11-15-2008, 08:20 PM
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DevChat Log - November 15th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who participated in the chat! We encourage everyone to attend our next developer chat, which will be held on December 13th.
Originally Posted by DevChat
<~cRush> Welcome to the first Open Developer Chat. We encourage everyone to ask any questions you have at this time.
<~cRush> To ask a question, please message the DevChat bot with /msg DevChat ~question Your question here
<~cRush> Questions will not longer be accepted at 7:45PM EST
<~cRush> Okay, time for first question.

<@DevChat> Ketaris asks, " Are there any plans to increase the utility of the major cities, such as Coronet or Theed, by adding apartment-style housing, vendors, mayoral races or anything else along those lines? "
<@kyle> While that has been discussed, it is not in the realm of a 1.0 release.
<@Ramsey> That's extra content that can be added to servers depending on the administrators

<@DevChat> Anakis asks, " It was stated that there would be some organizational things done that would allow the Devs to provide an ETA on v1.0 release. What is the status of this? "
<@Ramsey> Our focus for the rest of the year is to essentially kick into "crunch" mode, where all hands on the dev team are attempting to add in as many ground game features as possible
<@Ramsey> while we're attempting to crank out features at a faster rate, it's not being done at the expense of code quality or stability
<@Ramsey> As for criteria for v1.0 release,
<@Ramsey> We don't have a specific list yet but the idea is to get the game to the point where its playable with economy and an acceptable amount of character progression
<@Ramsey> We'll elaborate more on this in the 11/17 biweekly

<@DevChat> Ketaris asks, " Seaseme, in a forum post from September, made the comment that the team wanted to be a significant player in the MMO industry. I would like someone to elaborate on that, if possible. I have no specific question. "
<@Seaseme> That's a good question. To elaborate, it is our absolute goal to produce a final product on par with any professionally made MMO. In terms of both support and community. We have a very large community, albeit not all active, but just the same, we know the interest is there.
<@Ramsey> We've been extremely strict on the separation of Engine3 and Core3 (SWG stufF)
<@Ramsey> The idea is to be able to pick engine3 up and move it to any kind of future project, commercial or not.

<@DevChat> Ketaris asks, " Has there been any recent collaboration with the other emulator teams? If so, can you please provide some details? If not, are you still actively seeking to work together? "
<@Ramsey> Hmm, I'll say it as it is
<@Ramsey> Since our request for open collaboration with other emulation projects was posted a few months ago
<@Ramsey> Most of the smaller emulator teams have died or moved on to other things
<@Ramsey> and the remaining major player, SWGANH, has had some dialogue with us as to how to pursue future development
<@Ramsey> Our proposal to them was essentially to merge both projects, use Engine3/Core3, to develop a unified emulator. ANH would be offering their research while we would bring the code to the table
<@Ramsey> Unfortunately, the talks ended their. Not for any specific reason, but we just haven't been in contact since then
<@Ramsey> While we're still open to collaboration, I personally feel the window for the USEFULNESS of it is in a slow decline (again, my personal opinion)

<@DevChat> sumane asks, " What are the long term goals for engine 3? "
<~cRush> This question was already addressed earlier in response to Ketaris question.

<@DevChat> Ferren asks, " any chance of more schems and items to craft being added in the near future. - Ferren <3s you all. "
<@kyle> Absolutely. I am trying to wrap up some logistical issues with crafting, but we have well over 500 schematics with complete data
<@kyle> I would expect to see updates soon =)

<@DevChat> agraceful asks, " Is there anything I can do about being harassed in game? I see this fairly constant and no one ever does anything, not even DEVS. A lot of the time this isn't a very fun/fair game because of the people. What can I do to change this? "
<+Max> Absolutely
<+Max> The Community Service Team takes abuse and the ideals of the community very seriously
<@Seaseme> please make sure to let us know if you're being harassed.. Find any staff on IRC and they should be able to get someone into Test Center to help..
<+Max> you can also send us a support ticket at http://www.swgemu.com/support, or send a /tell to any of the CSRs which are regularly on line. They have (CSR) as their title and are often moving around the galaxy to fix issues, observe bugs and save characters
<@kyle> I would like to add something to that too.
<@kyle> I find a number of the complaints to be trivial. Harassment does not mean that someone does something you don't like. Harassment is something that is in violation of the rules, and we will most definitely take action for that.

<@DevChat> sumane asks, " Originally it was deemed that pre-9 Jedi skills where not available, with the current version of the client, however Uli has done some amazing work and managed to get the pre-9 skill tree into the emu, is there any chance we will see this as a possible "
<@kyle> Possible, yes. This is also something that will be up to server admins.
<@Ramsey> It's very much in the hands of the server admin. Features that are only available by client modification will not become a standard of the SWGEmu client unless there is compatibility with a newer feature.
<@Ramsey> This doesn't mean that we are committing to one Jedi system over another at this point, this applies for any client mod feature

<@DevChat> sumane asks, " once structures and combat code is in place and stable, what is next on the list for the developers? "
<@Ramsey> What's next: Depends on the developer. I'll be working with getting the rest of mission scripting complete and the dev commentary vid for it so the community can start coming up with missions
<@Bobius> After structure placement and missions are complete, you can expect to see me working on completing the GCW systems for planetary control and what not. I'd also like to see someone working on "pet" logic so that we can add in all the faction perks and some of the other professions.
<@kyle> I will continue to work on crafting until it's 100%
<@Ramsey> The "test" mission placed on TC a week ago that involved "MAN O' Action' gave me the feedback I needed. That mission was to just make sure the ActionNPC and missionmanager functions properly without crashing. Last night I wrapped up the touches on mission scripting and moved on to getting npc action scripting up to par
<@panchjr> Once combat is stable I will be resuming my work with lairs
<~cRush> Food/Drink/Spices are very close to finished, as well as the implementation for skill mods. This will also allow for BioEngineered clothing

<@DevChat> Soapflake asks, " Although there have been no large-scale stress tests, can we get a figure on the maximum server load (for TC). Can we expect any stress tests in the near future? "
<@Ramsey> We are working to one within the next few weeks sometime in late november/early december. XMas time is when a lot of the past few months work will start coming together as PreCu
<@Ramsey> we'll be talking more about a stress test after the meeting. Check the next biweekly for info
<@Seaseme> They're difficult to schedule because of the time zones of all of the developers
<@Bobius> Granted, that doesn't mean that we are near a release, but we will be at more of a "playable" state
<@Seaseme> Just have to make sure Oru/TA are available to help monitor test center.
<@Ramsey> please read what bobius said over again everyone.

<@DevChat> Replon asks, " What is the status of Homes/Home Placement and Harvesters "
<@McMahon> The current priority for me is Harvesters => Factories => Homes
<@McMahon> They can all be placed currently in the game, and pretty much all of the packet work is done
<@McMahon> Harvesters should be ready to hit the test center in the next few weeks

<@DevChat> Ferren asks, " is there any chance that swgemu team will run theyre own finished server/ "
<@Ramsey> We've been talking about running our own server for months. It certainly makes sense for us to do so, and there has been ongoing internal discussions about how it all should be run IF we were to do so. At the end of the year, we'll be announcing our direction for 2009 and be able to address our stance on an official server
<@Seaseme> The great donations the past few months have definetly making us consider.
<@Ramsey> The donations have definately easied our financial worries over weather we would be able to support an official server. THANK YOU for donating
<@Bobius> Thank You for donating
<@Seaseme> thanks

<@DevChat> Cyrez asks, " Are there any plans for the server to have some sort of system for automatic updates built into it for receiving hotfixes and such? "
<@Ramsey> A binary release will be able to stand on its own and run the game without the need for any urgent fix. We will never force a server community to stay on the latest release
<@kyle> Also, the launchpad already handles automatic updates, if needed. For the client.
<@Ramsey> Every update made to the development SVN will not have a binary counterpart. We will do a binary release if we feel there have been enough changes to warrant one
<@Ramsey> We are doing this to make it easier for server communities to develop their own content without running the risk of breaking anything with a newer release

<@DevChat> sumane asks, " in the devopment of swgemu in the future, what do you see as being the most, or one of the more difficult features to work on. "
<@Ramsey> gathering accurate data, by far
<~cRush> There is still a lot of information that needs to be collected to help finish off professions.
<@McMahon> DNA Sample information is a good example
<~cRush> Using the profession forums to collaborate with the profession representatives is a great way that anyone can help the project along.
<~cRush> We need screenshots and official posts/updates from SOE from Pre-CU to verify that the information is in fact Pre-CU
<@kyle> Crafting has more obscure data than almost everything else combined, we always can use more people researching data. Please come to the #CraftingTesting room
<@Bobius> Since PRE CU has been abandoned by SOE, we rely heavily on memories of how things "used to work", the problem with this is, the game has gone through so many different changes, it's difficult to pin point exactly how things worked at the same point in time. It often takes us a while to debate which direction we should go with certain features.
<@Ramsey> Something that I see being...more of a pain then anything, especially for Oru, is the space part of the game. Engine3 will start needing to keep track of movements along more than 2 axis and we'll probably end up having to create major facilities in core3 to manage space-zones

<@DevChat> Varc asks, " (Newbie question, maybe this has been answered already int that case a link would be nice ) How come SOE allows SWGEmu? Have you guys struck a deal with Sony so they won't knock you down? "
<@Seaseme> we have +125 defence vs knockdown
<@Seaseme> and can't be dizzied
<@Seaseme> There's not anything SOE can do. This is our code, not theirs
<@Ramsey> This project doesn't conflict with any of sony's IP *intellectual property*
<@Bobius> Server emulation is not illegal, and we do not violate any of SOE or Lucas Art's IP. Look at Samba as a good example. They wrote an open source server to facilitate Microsoft's client. We are careful not to step on SOE's toes about these things.
<@Seaseme> nothing is stolen, it was programmed from the ground up by this team. As long as you're using copies of SWG that you acquired legitimately then it's your right to use that copy. You're not legally bound to play it on ONLY SOE's servers, it just so happens that they HAD the only ones to play on.

<@DevChat> Anakis asks, " Do you expect a v1.0 release within the first half of 2009? "
<@Ramsey> We don't give ETA's, but we'll elaborate more on the release with our end of the year update.
<@Ramsey> Thats about as much as i can say

<@DevChat> Anakis asks, " Everyone knows that on SOE's servers, when 300 or so people combined in a major battle, the server would grind to a hault with lag. Do you think Core3/Engine3 will be able to better handle this kind of load, allowing such battles to take place with minimal lag? "
<@Bobius> We will make every effort to minimize server lag. However, a lot of lag has to do with your internet connection. When there are a lot of players confined in the same areas, you are constantly receiving packets updating you of their actions. This can be taxing on slower internet connections.
<@Ramsey> We average 200 on most nights and stress tests BEFORE we added clustering support were already at 400 on top of cygwin with no probs. Your client is most likely going to lag before the server ever has issues

<@DevChat> Anakis asks, " Could and will the mission system be designed such that only the mission holder and his/her group be able to attack mission targets to prevent kill stealing/harassment? ie. creatures at a mission spawned lair. "
<@Seaseme> It could be done.. It's not something that will be included in 1.0
<@Ramsey> That's an easy change to implement, but it wont be enabled by default
<@Seaseme> That's another one of those things that's up to server communities.
<~cRush> We are looking to emulate Pre-CU as closely as possible. Any features that weren't Pre-CU will be up to server administrators to employ at their own discretion.
<@Ramsey> Its definitely NOT hard to do. At all.

<@DevChat> Makestro asks, " Can we expect mind heal on the test center by the end of the year? "
<@Seaseme> as in.. combat medic mind heal.
<@Seaseme> Depends on if you can get cRush to work on Combat Medic after he gets consumables in Test Center
<~cRush> Combat Medic mind heal is definitely on a list of things to come. More recently, look for Blue Milk to take on a mind healing role very soon with the implementation of foods, drinks, and spices
<+Max> Hint: cRush likes chocolates
<@Seaseme> and those weird, unnatural blue roses

<@DevChat> feroxfire asks, " Will there be a way to prohibit creation of multiple accounts and or use of multiple clients at a time to have more than one character in game? Or will it be impossible to restrict that...i.e. what TC is like now, multiple instances being allowed. "
<@kyle> This is a tough problem to address.
<@kyle> As there are any number of ways to do this, and any number of ways for people to get around it.
<@kyle> This is a concern for most servers, and will be addressed in some manner, but has not been yet.

<@DevChat> Ramakin asks, " there was some talk about introducing 30k resource kits on TC, is this still going to happen to aid testing crafting? "
<@kyle> 30k Deeds are in the game, and work fine.
<@kyle> There are limited to devs at the moment, but I'm sure that will change when testing gets more in full swing.
<@Bobius> I feel that if we add the resource deeds to the BFs by default. Harvesters will not receive the testing that they need.
<@kyle> As for the deeds, you may see them awarded for a mission sometime in the future here.

<@DevChat> Ramakin asks, " When you talk about "playable" states, how are you going to test the e-commerce and object handling within the game? do you intend on turning TC into a 'more player reliant' enviroment? "
<@Seaseme> We would like to see an economy on test center.
<@Seaseme> And eventually phase out the blue frogs
<@Seaseme> at least some sort of economy..
<+Max> the best way to test a game is through a realistic play environment
<~cRush> Changes are being pushed forward to allow the removal of the blue frogs, placing the responsibility more on the player base
<@kyle> Yeah, we want rid of blue frogs as soon as possible
<@Bobius> As time goes by, we will rely less and less on Blue Frogs. We are in the process of removing items from them now.
<@Ramsey> the TC economy will be more and more important as we implement missing in-game features

<@DevChat> agraceful asks, " Is there anything that anyone in the community can do to further help you guys besides just playing the game? "
<@Ramsey> Get involved.
<~cRush> We are still in dire need to information, as was stated earlier.
<~cRush> We would like to see the community working more in stride with the representatives to get accurate Pre-CU data
<@Bobius> Spread the word. I would love to see a community driven "awareness campaign"
<@Ramsey> There are a ton of SWGEmu teams that are working out in the open on the forums
<@Seaseme> yes! Tell your friends, the more the better. If crafting is your forte please talk to kyle.. We still need lots of information
<@Ramsey> And yes, definitely get people informed about the project
<+Max> I love people just to stick around the community, post around on the forums, chat on IRC, and make friends. I can't stress enough how the big secret behind Pre-CU was the community and its strong spirit.
<+Max> One of the big things right now is Schematic data - jump into #craftingtesting and have a chat to Tek and the team

<~cRush> Last question of the night:
<@DevChat> Anakis asks, " will MySQL be able to handle a full server community or will server communities be required to obtain other database software? "
<@kyle> Mysql is more than capable of handling the requirements of SWGEmu
<~cRush> MySQL is more than fully capable of handing the requirements of a full server community; however, we are looking into the possibility of using an object database opposed to a relational database
<@Bobius> MySQL has progressed tremendously in the past few years. Many enterprise level applications use MySQL as a back end database now.
<~cRush> More to come on that in the future as it is researched.

<~cRush> Okay, everyone. That wraps up tonight's Developer Chat. Thank you all for attending and asking your questions.
<~cRush> Please be sure to attend the next meeting December 13th at 7PM EST
<~cRush> We continue to thank you all for your tremendous support of the project!
Again, thanks to everyone who submitted a question! We hope to see you all next time!

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Thanks for answering our questions.
Old 11-15-2008, 08:43 PM
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Thank you all for taking the time to participate.

Xavia@swgemu.com | eSupport
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Yea thanks for answering mine, so excited about crafting and houses/harvesters/factories
Old 11-15-2008, 09:14 PM
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Thanks for participating folks, if you missed out this time I hope you join us next go round.
Old 11-15-2008, 09:36 PM
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That was a nice Dev chat at the IRC.

Ahh i see the next one will be on Dec 13th, thats the day when i quited SWG 3 years ago.

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Thanks to all the devs for participating in this and answering relevant questions. I was certainly happy to see there weren't any "OMGZ WHENS YOU PUTTING IN JEDIZ OMGZ!?~"

Keep up the great work and I can't wait for crafting and structures to get done
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<@DevChat> agraceful asks, " Is there anything I can do about being harassed in game? I see this fairly constant and no one ever does anything, not even DEVS. A lot of the time this isn't a very fun/fair game because of the people. What can I do to change this? "
<@kyle> I find a number of the complaints to be trivial. Harassment does not mean that someone does something you don't like. Harassment is something that is in violation of the rules, and we will most definitely take action for that.
I appreciate this response from kyle. I think it important that the community not embrace an overly strict set of rules. I fear it would hinder the ability of a realistic game atmosphere to develop.
Old 11-15-2008, 11:42 PM
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Nice chat guys, look forward to the next.

Tow'lin Tow
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That was awesome. When it was over I felt like I just got out of a movie or something. Very entertaining.
Old 11-16-2008, 02:40 AM
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That was awesome. When it was over I felt like I just got out of a movie or something. Very entertaining.
ya i felt the same tbh... then i realised i still had on my jabba the hutt costum from 10/30 and went "ooops"

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Didnt attend but have just read the log. Very interesting and informative. I wish the best of luck to the dev team. I would like to thank them also for taking the time to answer questions and their patience in front of a frenzied and impatient crowd

Thanks and keep up the amazing work
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Great first DevChat and some very good questions.

Wish I didn't have to be at work and couldn't have joined in!

Thanks again to the SWGEMU team.
Old 11-16-2008, 09:54 AM
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Fantastic read indeed. I'm looking forward to the end of the year.

TrueGalaxies Game Master

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Originally Posted by zabrakwith View Post
I was certainly happy to see there weren't any "OMGZ WHENS YOU PUTTING IN JEDIZ OMGZ!?~"
There were probably a couple, but we were screening questions
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