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Old 04-21-2009, 02:30 AM
Ramsey Ramsey is offline
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Phase Testing Tasks for Week of 4/21

Task Overview:
-New Bank Terminals
-Basic Missions
-Inventory Stress


New Bank Terminals
Banking terminals were added to all NPC cities. If you feel like there should be more, open up a discussion in the TC Forum.


Basic Missions
Basic missions have been rolled out onto the TC. The goal for this week is to make sure the MissionManager and Objective tracking are stable before we move onto lairs. The ONLY place you can obtain missions is from a special mission terminal in the center of Theed, coordinates: (-4885.0f, 4185.0f). It is by the Gungans, guild terminals, and Jeff Freeman fountain.

The following missions are available and essentially ask you to do similar tasks, but with different targets. If these simple missions prove to be stable, lairs will hit TC
1) The Shaupaut Hunt*
2) Jurassic Peko
3) Hairball**
4) Narlgatch Test**
5) tic-tac-peko**

*This mission does not function like live extermination missions. You receive it from the terminal, but you must return to an NPC to complete it. This is to test scripted NPC mission evaluation.

** Ready but not on TC until the first two are determined stable.

Missions will be available on the next restart. When reporting bugs, INCLUDE STEPS ON HOW TO REPRODUCE. For missions specifically, include the name of the mission.

If you are having issues with the terminal, waypoints, or mission objects - try logging out then back in. SWGEmu staff have a command available to wipe all of your mission data if it is corrupted or bugged. Before requesting staff aid, create a new character and try to reproduce the bug - file a report if you can reproduce.


Inventory Stress
An object and saving overhaul are on the way which will eventually wipe out all of the nasty bugs involving inventory. However, we are still interested in fixing the current Inventory system. If you notice any issues/bugs with your Inventory, please try to reproduce the bug and file a report on Mantis. This would help a lot! Thanks


This thread is subject to further updates throughout the week. cRush is currently busy with school / work, housing & structure changes will rollout when he sees fit. He was nearing completion last week so it is possible that this week may bear some of his structure updates.
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SWGEmu is a non-profit, open source community project.

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