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Closed Thread
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Old 04-29-2010, 01:43 PM
Thebabylonking Thebabylonking is offline
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This is just a late April fools joke from SOE right?.....or is it........
Old 04-29-2010, 01:55 PM
barbercat barbercat is offline
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I agree yes thank you very much DEV Team.
Old 04-29-2010, 02:04 PM
Kraschman Kraschman is offline
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Originally Posted by alexiskool12345 View Post
That worked out fantastic for SOE didn't it......
I understand where you're coming from. But if you have a million chiefs and no Indians that works out even less well. At least we got a voice, unlike with SOE.

When it comes down to it, Orwell was right. We are all equal, but some are more equal than others. And it won't work any other way.
Old 04-29-2010, 02:10 PM
Kraschman Kraschman is offline
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Originally Posted by Shadow2k View Post
Far as I can tell, SOE still runs SWG with a larger player base than the EMU has.

SOE was getting paid to provide you a service. See the difference?
True, in fact SOE has even more obligation to provide players with a voice since those players are paying for the service, unlike the EMU.

But instead we got a voice here, and not there.

And people are complaining... go figure.
Old 04-29-2010, 02:48 PM
BankyEdwards BankyEdwards is offline
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and for the record SOE did NOT listen to the community with the CU. They WERE listening when they started to design the CURB. Then they stopped listening and changed the CURB to the CU. which were two completely different ways at balancing the game.

(ADK's didn't help any before CU either)
Old 04-29-2010, 03:44 PM
Kraschman Kraschman is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Toronto, Canada
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Originally Posted by BankyEdwards View Post
and for the record SOE did NOT listen to the community with the CU. They WERE listening when they started to design the CURB. Then they stopped listening and changed the CURB to the CU. which were two completely different ways at balancing the game.

(ADK's didn't help any before CU either)
Old 04-29-2010, 05:13 PM
Daywolf Daywolf is offline
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Originally Posted by Kainzo View Post
When you stop posting
Riiiight, noob. Welcome to SWGemu, where the worm never dies
Old 04-29-2010, 06:09 PM
Omegataco Omegataco is offline
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When the hell is thread going to be closed? Doing harm and nothing more.
Original Pre-CU name: Wixa
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Old 04-29-2010, 06:44 PM
qwwq4 qwwq4 is offline
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Originally Posted by Daywolf View Post
What, are they in middle-school or something? hehe. Adults are usually extra busy in the summer time... depending on which part of the world they live in
That usually includes college students too. I actually took classes in summer when I was in college... while I was working... and on my putter... and out doing daily stuff.
it even says on the assembla page things should pick up during the summer

Last edited by qwwq4; 04-29-2010 at 06:53 PM.
Old 04-29-2010, 06:50 PM
el.zwierzakko el.zwierzakko is offline
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I don't get what all the fuss is about. You guys need to understand that a wipe is the Devs decision not yours. Whining will not help. Just enjoy the game and wait for progress. There will be more than one wipe along the way.
Old 04-30-2010, 01:51 AM
Diehomey! Diehomey! is offline
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C'mon guys we're almost to 1000! If everyone in this thread QQ's one more time we'll reach that goal!

Old 04-30-2010, 02:15 AM
Yhor Yhor is offline
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Pointless discussion is pointless.

Move along, this wasn't the thread we were looking for...
Old 04-30-2010, 07:12 AM
Stinney Stinney is offline
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Its possible the decision NOT to DB wipe was economic as much as anything else.
I missed the results, so I dont know the exact results, but if people are donating, and would potentially STOP donating if the DB was wiped, then it would be damaging to their server operating costs.
Old 04-30-2010, 07:37 AM
_Pi_ _Pi_ is offline
Join Date: Apr 2010
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I miss .....

Last message from Tiggs
This is believed to be a post by Tiggs using an allias not long before she dissapeared and the post itself was removed in minutes of it been posted, but as always we have our fast fingered copy paste trolls to thank for its preservation....... you draw your own conclusions.

For any of you that were around since this game's launch, thing back to November 2003. Two years ago this month SOE introduced vehicles and player cities to SWG. This was a very exciting time, and arguably the pinnacle of this game's existence.

The day the player city and vehicle publish was to go live was very intense. There was a lot of excitement. Many of us were on the old Gorath Imperial IRC server talking about grand plans, wishing each other luck on getting our spots. Many had architects lined up to make city halls. A lot of us had our would-be mayors logged out right by where the politician trainer would be located when the server came up. A LOT of people did not go to work or school that day hehe.

Player cities actually came to define this game early on. It gave guild's a sense of pride and ownership. It gave folks places to gather. Gave us territories to defend/assault. This gave us rise to the GCW and the massive PvP that ensued.

But while all this was going on, there were many underlying problems that were creeping up on us slowly. See the game had only been out for a few months. People had not fully realized to what extent things could be crafted. We had not had many good resource spawns, and not substantial quantities either. Almost no crafters had any experimentation tapes, nor did they fully understand how the intricacies of the crafting system worked.

But over the next couple of months, people realized they could make armor that would resist 90%+ all damage. Or that they could make MIND poison that would kill everyone within a 30 yard radius in three ticks. Or they could make buffs that would more than DOUBLE our stats.

These were all items that for some reason or another were never capped before the game went live as they should have. This was a direct result of SOE's short-sightedness. They underestimated the resourcefulness of their player base.

Combine those factors with bugs and exploits (faction bases had MANY that took MONTHS to patch), unbalanced classes (TKA, CM, Rifleman) and eventually the revelation of HOW to unlock Jedi (effectively taking a huge part of the player base OUT of the game as they pursued the grind) - and you had the begining of the decline.

Before all this, the GCW was super addictive and I would say in November 2003 the majority of players were actively involved somehow. Not sure how many remember the battles at Maelstrom that went on for over 8 hours. Only reason it ended was because people had to leave to go to work or school lol. The game was FUN and MUCH more addictive then. Faction meant something. We had a LOT less faction hopping back then because the war was in full swing.

Well, the game kept deteriorating so SOE came up with the plan to fix it - originally called the Combat Revamp, later to be known as the Combat Upgrade. I was one who was privy to a LOT of the early documentation on the first CU. Let me first point out that the CU that did go live that you all call CU 1 is actually CU 2. There was another version of the CU prior to what you saw that IMHO was MUCH better, but for some reason or another they took it upon themselves to redo the CU before it even went live.

But the CU 1 that I was shown was the game I wanted. It was basically the same game we all loved, but solved the long-standing problems that revealed themselves since launch. Being able to target the mind pool was no longer going to be an advantage for only a handful of professions - each profession was going to get a move to be able to target each of the three pools. Weapons, armor, buffs, foods & drinks were all going to be capped. DOT's were going to be nerfed so hard they were going to be a nuissance, but not make or break in combat. Mind pool was going to finally be healable. We still had the same graphics and toolbars - none of the cartoony stuff that I think really was a distraction. We also still had Jedi which arguably was the biggest flaw of the game.

Not sure why - perhaps too much playing WoW and not focusing on their own unique game - but they scrapped all of CU 1 and ended up pushing out what you have now.

But now - now we have the NGW. There are SO many things I find wrong with this I do not even know where to begin.

First off, SWG never has been known as having a substantial amount of content. To be honest, I think that half the content in this game WAS the professions - being able to build a unique character template for YOU. Bored of tailor? Try droid engineer. Bored of pistoleer? Try carbineer.

Now I see these nine classes folks will be pigeon-holed into and I think that SOE just took it's BIGGEST strength for this game and turned it into a weakness. Character classes in SWG will now have even less diversity than WoW because in WoW at least they have the talent system to offer some diversity within a class.

Sure, this will be easier for them to balance, and easier for players without a clue, but it seems to me that this is a cop out and a slap in the face to anyone who has been loyal to SOE through it all.

I am sure the NGE will be fun for a little while, but unless SOE plans on adding a LOT of content, the NGE will become boring FAST.

Where did SOE go wrong over the past few years? Well here is a quick list of major issues that they either never addressed or took too long to address or just flat out screwed up:

- Mind Pool
Making the ONE unhealable pool explicitly targetable by only a few classes automatically made some classes better than others.

-No Caps
Having no upper-limit caps on DOT's, buffs, food&drinks, armor effectiveness, weapons, etc allowed for game-breaking items to be crafted. Had there been better testing in beta with MAX resources they would have discovered this before the game even went live.

Making an alpha class in an MMORPG is always going to be a failure. Who would NOT want to play the dominant class? Nerfing Jedi was wrong too. We want Jedi to be like canon and strong. SOE should have NEVER allowed player Jedi. To my understanding this was a HUGE internal debate before the game went live, with LucasArts weighing in to push Jedi. BIG mistake. Fact is the game had MORE paying subscribers before there were Jedi. Fact - after DOT's (often pointed out by Jedi as the true death of the game) the game had even LESS subscribers. I hardly think all those people quit because DOT's were nerfed Point? People got sick of Jedi, and sick of seeing more and more of them. Less diversity among players = less fun. When SOE devoted two huge publishes all to Jedi instead of fixing other long-standing issues this was a sign of things to come. And the original holo-grind killed off a LOT of the PvP we had since so many became reclusive and devoted all their time to grinding.

-GCW bugs/exploits
Once people discovered that you can shoot through walls of player bases from the inside out but not outside in things went downhill. Once people discovered you could abort a base countdown even while DEAD of feigning death it was game over. How long did it take for SOE to fix this bug? FOUR months. What about people being able to attack turrets from out of range? SIX months. It was not like these were secret tricks either. They were well documented on the forums. For some reason though, they were extremly slow to respond. Instead of spending eight hours fighting back and forth between cities, people just got rid of their bases and the GCW died. With it PvP died off in a big way.

At one point they promised us new PvE content every other patch. Well, we got the corvette (which was a BLAST for about 3 weeks) and the Geonosian cave (which was so bugged it became a favorite place for grinders) and eventually the DWB which was the most challenging and fun, but then it was not until the expansion that the game actually got additional PvE content.

-Wasted Space
Land area in SWG is immense. If you did the math and figured it out and compared it to any other MMORPG out there SWG has MORE explorable space than any other game by far. But you know what? It is USELESS. Take Talus for example. Big beautiful planet with NOTHING on it. We have these little mini-dungeons, or doodads on each planet that serve minimal to no purpose at all. What is their answer? In the expansions they actually have invisible fencing to keep you in the few areas they actually have content. Instead of having the whole huge area filled with stuff of use, they close off areas to the player. This is an area where SOE could learn a LOT from WoW where all the land is not only explorable, but most of it serves a purpose and/or has unique mobs.

-Character customization
SOE made characters so customizable that this actually becomes one of it's biggest weaknesses. The more unique features the game has to track, the more queries clients have to make to the server in order to properly render a toon on your screen. 20 players no problem. 50 players? Slowdown time. 200 players? Server go kaboom. Too much load for the system to handle. Basically epic battles become near impossible.

Thinking about all of this it seems to me that in SOE's rush to get product to market in the first place they dropped the ball bad, and instead of making things better, they constantly seem to make the wrong decisions.

Stop f'ing around with focus groups, and fire the marketing suits and hire some good, competent developers and people with vision. Unfortunately at this point I think it is too late. No one trusts you anymore SOE and their experiences here WILL likely make them think twice about trying other SOE games. I know for myself I will NEVER play another SOE title.


Someone who loved what once was,

Old 04-30-2010, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by _Pi_ View Post
really ur gonna compare tiggs last post to this???
usir /fail
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