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Developer Chat Logs Once a month, on the second Saturday, at 7PM EST, we will hold an open Developer discussion on IRC. The logs from these chats will be posted here.

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Old 04-12-2009, 08:01 AM
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DevChat Log - April 11 2009

<cRush> Welcome everyone, to tonight's Developer Open Chat - We ask that you please direct any questions to DevBot by private messaging him in the format ~question Your Questions.
<cRush> Please refrain from asking any questions about ETA, Future Server Ideas, or SunCrusher features.


<DevBot> Dasleah asks, "What do you see as the biggest obstacle(s) to getting the Shipwight class into SWGEmu?"
<kyle> Getting the ground game finished.

<DevBot> Dasleah asks, "Do you have any plans or procedures in place within the game to regulate the virtual economy? Or will measures to stop inflation and over-saturation in the market be introduced as seen and needed?"
<kyle> For a vanilla release there will be no economy regulation enabled. That said, we do plan on having some optional measure for servers to enable if they so desire.
<kyle> Suncrusher may address some of the shortcomings of the economy, but that is for another discussion.

<DevBot> Dasleah asks, "What do you see as the most important features that need to be implemented on the road to v1.0?"
<Ramsey> http://www.assembla.com/spaces/swgemu/milestones
<Ramsey> Milestone tasks cover major systems that need work

<DevBot> Dasleah asks, "How is the mood within the dev team so close to the launch of Suncrusher? Cautious optimism? Dread and terror? Blissful relief? Is this an inspiring milestone for the dev team?"
<Ramsey> Excited yet Overwhelemed is the general feeling..theres still a lot to do but none of it is depressing or a drag

<DevBot> Dedaskalion asks, "Why was the armor color change feature for composite armor removed from TC as it was during pre-CU?"
<kyle> Because the armor color change feature was not a feature of pre-cu. It was intended to fix a blunder of SOE and then to be removed 2 weeks later, but they never removed it.
<kyle> reference to above
<kyle> sorry -> http://www.swgpatchnotes.com/update-notes-8-january-04
<DevBot> Boo asks, "What is the current status on Tailor schematics that require missing or broken components?"
<kyle> Broken. Once they are all fixed, you would see them as fixed on TC. I am currently redesigning a few aspects of tailor.

<DevBot> Vlock asks, "the devs have said before that suncrusher will the only "play server" of its kind for testing, but on the off chance that suncrusher DOES reach its player cap, will there be any other "suncrusher style" servers that will go up or be allowed to go up?"
<kyle> That has not been considered yet, however we will certainly do what is in the best interest of the development and the community.

<DevBot> NeySevour asks, "any word on the 1/1 bug? What caused it and how to prevent it?"
<cRush> We are still trying to track down the exact causes for the 1/1 HAM bug as it appears there are multiple methods of producing it. So far research has not yielded a 100% failproof method of reproducing the bug, which makes it harder to track down.
<cRush> We encourage all testers to please continue documenting the steps required to produce the bug, and try to nail down an exact procedure required.
<cRush> Earlier in the week, we were able to patch one instance of the bug, but it seems to have multiple causes, so please keep searching testers!

<DevBot> Austen asks, "Will you guys fix the HUGE exploit that annihilated PVP against CMs because they could poison/disease through walls. All they had to do was duel and aoe apply. With the implementation of housing coming soon, will this issue be resolved? Also shooting through walls that should be solid is also an issue on TC, is there going to be a fix added before SC?"
<Ramsey> collision with static objects like city buildings isnt something SOE has ever addressed. There is no built-in way to fix the bug.
<Ramsey> However,
<Ramsey> It is something that can be fixed (by using the static object data on the client) later down the road, assuming it doesnt take a huge amount of server resources
<Ramsey> No promises, unless you can get SOE to send us the client source

<DevBot> Blackice asks, "will crafting materials qualities and such effect the outcome of final products effectly like it did befoe soe lowered and put a cap on max numbers that could be put out on medkits and andthing crafted?"
<kyle> I'm not sure the question is clear enough for me to give a reliable answer
<kyle> However, crafting will work according to known pre-cu calculations and spreadsheets

<DevBot> DowcuDosan[web] asks, "Will Suncrusher be launched with the full array of mobs across the various planets? Or only limited mobs on certain planets?"
<cRush> Following up my structure/installation/deed overhaul which is nearing completion, I plan on revisiting the Creature spawning and lair system. This will make it a more easily deployed system aiding both the implementation of missions and random world spawns across planets. I will subsequently be looking for scripters to assist in making accurate LUA spawn scripts in coordination with Kellina.

<DevBot> Kyzher[web] asks, "Since Bounty Hunter is a ranged profession, will Saber Block be tweaked so that bounty hunters can stay ranged without having every shot blocked by the Jedi, thus allowing bounty hunters to not have to be a melee profession to successfully hunt a skilled Jedi?"
<Ramsey> That is something we leave upto server admins. We will have to implement the game in the base core3 release as how it was during pub14.1 - even if its something that created a profession imbalance
<Ramsey> But remember, SC and base-core3 are different

<DevBot> NeySevour asks, "What is the status of Harvesters?"
* Ramsey looks at crush
<cRush> I'm putting the finishing touches on my Harvester rewrite tonight. Things are looking good, and the only bug I've found thus far entails multiple operators viewing the resource hopper simultaneously. I will be collecting some more packets later tonight to solve this issue, and hopefully will be rollling this changes out before Monday. Houses will be close following.


<cRush> That will conclude the Developer Open Chat for tonight. Thank you all for attending and your continued support! Standing together, we can make Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies once again a reality!
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